Study the vibration pattern of a structure with the ARTeMIS Modal tool

Study the vibration pattern of a structure with the ARTeMIS Modal tool

The ARTeMIS Modal is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used for many analysis applications. It is especially useful for the OMA, EMA, ODS and SHM analysis, and is used by many mechanical engineers around the world to study the vibration pattern of a specific structure.

If you want to do Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) or study the vibration pattern of a structure under given operating conditions by using the Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) application you will need to use the ARTeMIS Modal tool.

The ARTeMIS Modal tool is available in three different versions: The Basic, Standard and Pro version. The Basic version has a frequency domain method for the OMA and the ODS, as well as two frequency domain methods. The Standard version has more validation tools for modal parameters, and with the Pro version, you can use several plugins, such as automatic file upload, automatic modal estimation and damage detection. 


Operational Modal Analysis

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA), also called output-only modal analysis differs from traditional Modal Analysis (EMA) because it conducts a modal analysis without having control of or knowing about the input excitation. 

While the OMA is capable of estimating the modal parameters as the EMA, this analysis separates noise and inputs from the outputs, and only returns unbiased information. 

The OMA is for you that need to do modal analysis with the ARTEeMIS Modal tool without controlling the output. 


Operating Deflection Shape Software

The Operating Deflection Shape software is very beneficial when it is combined with the Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) application. This software will help determine and visualize the combination of the actual forcing functions that is evident on the structure. Other than that, it can determine and visualize the dynamic behaviour of the structure. 

The results can be shown as either displacement, velocity or acceleration in SI – Imperial or user-defined units. 

The Operating Deflection Shape software used in ARTeMIS Modal allows you to study the overall vibration pattern of a building. This can either be over a specific time segment or at a specific frequency.  Both the time and frequency domain in the Operating Deflection Shape software can be used in all versions of the ARTeMIS Modal. 


Structural Vibration Solutions – A World-Renowned Company Located in Aalborg

Structural Vibration Solutions is a company located in NOVI Science Park in Aalborg, which is one of northern Europe’s most respected science parks.

They are a well-respected company around the world, because of their development of the ARTeMIS Modal software for Operational Modal Analysis. 

Their mission is to be the leading provider of Operational Modal Analysis solutions in the world. And they are already well on their way, which is evident by how their patented software for modal analysis is used by mechanical engineers, for ambient vibration analysis of large structures like bridges and buildings, all around the world.